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by Heathcote Williams

In many cultures, the apple symbolizes eternal life, for instance in northern European and Greek mythology. Even if I knew that tomorrow the world would go to pieces, I would still plant my apple tree," Martin Luther allegedly said. German playwright Friedrich Schiller wrote "Wilhelm Tell," a drama about the legendary Swiss national hero who rebelled against a bloodthirsty tyrant. The 19th-century play is critical of society and still very much up to date. Tell was forced to shoot an apple off his own son's head as a punishment for disobedience. Resentful of her stepdaughter's beauty, the evil queen poisoned an apple to kill the girl in the Grimm fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

Snow White took a bite, and dropped, as if dead. Lying in a glass coffin, though, she coughed up the apple lodged in here throat just in time - and lived happily ever after. In , The Beatles founded their own record label, and named it Apple Records. The logo, a bright green Granny Smith apple, first showed up on the band's legendary "White Album" that same year. Apple Records sued Apple, the consumer electronics company, several times for trademark infringement. Celebrating the popular tropical fruit on International Pineapple Day, here's a few reasons why we love the sweet vitamin bomb.

Did you know it's officially a berry? Trade conflicts have put a stamp on There was no lack of threats voiced and punitive tariffs implemented. Is there any hope that the New Year will bring some improvement? DW's Andreas Becker looks for answers. It said the New Silk Road trade corridor has the potential to disadvantage and even divide the bloc. Beijing has outlined its strategy for developing trade routes across the Arctic as ice continues to recede in the polar region. China has dismissed claims that it "may plunder resources or damage the environment.

The importance of the apple goes back to Adam and Eve in paradise - and it's still a powerful symbol today. Here's a selection of apples in cultural history. Researchers have discovered ancient ceramic drinking vessels in Bavaria that give unprecedented insight into how prehistoric humans used milk to feed infants. Some of the vessels are shaped like animals. Imperfect, raw and vibrant: In the nightlife districts of the Greek capital Athens, young life pulsates and ancient cultural treasures such as the Acropolis are always worth a visit.

The bankruptcy of the travel company Thomas Cook does not mark the end of mass tourism. But it is a warning sign, says tourism researcher Hasso Spode. DW takes a look at the history of German tourism. More info OK. Wrong language? Change it here DW. COM has chosen English as your language setting.

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COM in 30 languages. Deutsche Welle. Audiotrainer Deutschtrainer Die Bienenretter. Science Forbidden fruit: The curious early history of apples As mundane as the apple may seem, its history involves enormous animals, the Ice Age, the Silk Road and a huge role in the stories we tell. But what about the trees on that Chinese farm? They didn't magically materialize either.

Apples were likely much bigger before the Ice Age. Much of the current apple's genetics can be traced to the Silk Road. Bisons are an example of Ice Age-era megafauna. Most evidence of Ice Age-era apples is provided via fossils. A brief history of the Silk Road. Apple pie, also known as "American pie" in the US. Everything you ever wanted to know about pineapple Celebrating the popular tropical fruit on International Pineapple Day, here's a few reasons why we love the sweet vitamin bomb.

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Brock comes upon the pair, searching for Coco. The two claim no knowledge of the Outpost's location as a third camper approaches Brock from behind. Brock pre-empts the attack with a shotgun from his back, with which he disables the campers. Brock watches as a horse-drawn carriage passes him by. In the Outpost, the perimeter alarm sounds.

forbidden fruit

Mead and the Fist approach the carriage when no one emerges. They find it vacant, but Brock lurks clinging to the undercarriage. They bring inside a trunk cleared of radiation and open it to find apples. Fist muses that apples have a long shelf-life. Venable bites into one over Mead's objection and instructs Fist to execute the horses. Venable and Mead wonder if the pristine apples could be a Trojan Horse bearing poison. Inside, as Mallory ponders her unknown nature, Venable calls an emergency meeting.

The leader says that she's been too strict and that they'll be celebrating a Halloween feast in the tradition of a Victorian masque ball. Gallant prepares an indignant Coco while Mallory plans a costume. Coco thinks that the ball is a ruse for an announcement of who will go with Michael to the Sanctuary.

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Mallory reveals that she kindled the fire with her mind earlier with Michael, but she's unable to reproduce the effect on Coco's direction. Coco taunts her and sends her to Evie's room to raid materials for a costume.

Mead says that everyone will have a chance to bob for apples when Andre complains they haven't seen fresh fruit in over a year. Venable intrudes on Coco's flashy introduction to orate about savoring this night as if it were they're last. A masked man dressed as a plague doctor dances with Coco, who assumes it is Michael about to announce them for the Sanctuary.

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He says nothing as she babbles and tries to ingratiate herself to him, even offering him anilingus, which she says she never offered Brock. They retire to her room and she begins to unbuckle his pants. He pulls off the mask revealing he is indeed Brock. She gasps at his journey-worn face and lies that she is so happy he is back. Brock, resentful of Coco, stabs her in the forehead and leaves.

The purples and grays take turns bobbing for apples, which Venable and Mead have poisoned with venom from Michael's snakes. Michael is not present, but they plan to shoot him after the others have been poisoned. They quickly feel the effects and start spasming and vomiting up pieces of apple and blood. After a cursory inspection of the corpses, the pair seeks out Michael. He tries to send them away, but they say they're making the selections now. He says that Venable's cruelty has made her pass the test, but Venable urges Mead to shoot him regardless. Mead is unable to and turns the gun on Venable instead, not conscious of why she's executed her companion.

Michael asks her if she enjoyed carrying out the poison apple plan as much as he enjoyed planning it; he commissioned and programmed her, modeled after someone from his childhood that was very dear to him. He says it's time for her to know all the plan and he wants the only woman who ever knew and loved him by his side. The trio revives their fallen sisters, showing that Mallory, Dinah, and Coco are witches that live once more.

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Mallory, now able to see without her glasses, removes them, and Madison comes to her saying, "Surprise bitch, I bet you thought you'd seen the last of me! Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. It premiered on September 26, Contents [ show ]. Add an image.