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Be sure to let me know when you have finished your French Braid quilt! Part 1 of the Fun and Fancy Free series. The French Braid Quilt technique has become very popular throughout quilting circles recently. The tutorial, by 2 Strings, is well illustrated and easy to follow.

Every pattern is clearly marked with the original designer and overall difficulty level-from quick-and-easy to advanced-so you can select the pattern that's just right I love scrap quilts and enjoy finding easy patterns to use up the bits and pieces that I have left from my "planned quilts. An acrylic template is included that saves time and minimizes fabric waste. The Binding Tool is not just for binding anymore- it's perfect for cutting Friendship Braid strips for this runner.

You will love having this useful quilting skill as a part of your repertoire! Put together using half hexagons, this video lesson shows you how you can also use numerous quilt fabric colors to make these long braids in your quilts. First strip completed! Repeat sewing and flipping and ironing steps from Part 1 to add each subsequent strip. Fat quarters are fun to collect, but even more fun to use in quilts! Get free quilt patterns to put your fat-quarter fabric to good use. Position a ruler on top of the pieced unit. This is a great quilt to make with jelly rolls. September 16 French Braid Block Pattern.

I am making one for my mom for Mothers Day. This second French Braid quilt ended up becoming a Christmas present for my brother. Makes cutting your braid pieces fast, easy and accurate. Welcome to Quiltville! I have been blogging avidly since - a good long while! Sep Linda made me think of your french braid…. I was going to use my french braid quilt pattern and make a table runner from it.

I need to get started soon. I was honored to be able to work on this gorgeous Bali Wedding Star quilt. It includes one newsprint sheet and directions with stacking and sorting graphics in color! Several idea of kitchen. French Braid Quilt — Free Pattern. Do the same in the four corners of the quilt. Fletcher Free Quilt Pattern. Step 3: Finishing the Mug Rug. Digitized quilting patterns for the Statler Stitcher and Intelliquilter. I think this Bushel and a Peck quilt aka the Gumballs quilt is one of my recent favorites over all.

I just love the design! This pattern is everything I thought it would The Page Links Below will lead you back through time, with the larger numbers being the most recent patternsso start with the highest number page, and from there, clicking BACK will bring you back here to the Main Quilt Blocks Galore, clicking NEXT at the bottom of each subsequent page will take you further back in time! Trace the template onto sturdy cardstock, vinyl, or template plastic. Everglades Herringbone Quilt Pattern. Parts two and three will be released in July and October. Choose your fabric.

Below is links to free paper piecing patterns I have designed or used to make quilts on this site. Finished size: The original hunter's star quilt was designed with diamond shapes but it's very easy to create the same look with easy half square triangle units. Herringbone Quilt Blocks. Scrappy Bargello Quilt made by Linda K!

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I've been trying to get the ladies to finish up the mini swap. A medallion quilt in gentle pastels would be better complimented by a subtle, rounded border pattern than an angular, abstract design, for instance. See more of Free Quilt Patterns on Facebook. Modern Herringbone Quilt Pattern. This is good mindless sewing.

Photo via Bluprint member Pure Joy Patterns. Free Hand Quilting Stencils and Templates. Each part of this three part series is stitched on a different color of linen and then sewn together as a sewing roll. More Us for table runner? French Braid Quilt Pattern free from Moda, quilt, sew, pattern. The jelly roll I used is from Walmart. French Braid quilt pattern is very popular and there are a number of free and not so free patterns available on the web.

Posted by np3quilts at PM. Here are more than 50 free patterns for Halloween quilts, table runners and pillows! To go to a pattern: Scroll down the page until you see the quilt you like, then click on the words "PDF download" or the hyperlinked website name in the title above the quilt. You can find wooden floors in many European homes over a hundred years old with this pattern The term French Braid was coined by Jane Miller though. Because I like things to look as beautiful on the inside as they do on the out. It includes 14 projects to make wall hangings and bed quilts.

Sign up for Jordan Fabrics emails! Jordan Fabrics Quilt Shop. A new, free quilt block pattern released every month. Lay the loose ends of the binding flat along the quilt edge, Braid in a Day contains no "set-in seams" and allows you to sew your quilt right away! Each booklet contains yardage and cutting charts for all sizes, making this pattern ideal for all skill levels.

I can't decide if I should leave my friendship braids in their lengths or chop them up into squares. French Braid Quilt Patterns janel was here french braid quilt pattern. We moved in November and between having strep, Thanksgiving and then a 5 day fever, I got a bit behind! Show More. In addition to hanging some lights, trying some new dishes, and finding the right wine, you need to gussy up that table.

Quilt Size: 73" x 82" Here's another great fabric option for this pattern! Baby quilts are often among the most popular. Batik Braids as used in my workshops - 35" x 49" Technicolor Braids - 49" x 54" Instructions for both Each of our French Collection BOM customers, and those who have purchased the full set of French Collection stitcheries will soon receive free instructions for making this quilt. First, practice drawing the design repeat as a square block. Our free Batik Braid mug rug uses thin strips of batik fabric and then turns the small quilt top into a handy mug rug.

Cut 2 side and a top and bottom border. It's actually a variation of a log cabin pattern. Yay, I actually finished it on time! Sometimes self-imposed deadlines really do work. Popular; side french braid with curls its perfect if i were going to prom. They are different sizes, techniques. Mark and cut your fabric, using scissors or a rotary cutter, into strips that are three times as wide as they are long example: 6 inches wide by 2 inches long. Trim away The pioneer braid, also known as the prairie braid, is a patchwork quilt pattern that combines strips of fabric into a decorative braid design.

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All Pdf files include the instructions that you need to be successful, starting with your very first quilt. It was the first quilt I made to donate to Habitat for Humanity. I've added more of the quilts they made and more will be coming soon. Plus, the tutorial is written using yardage or fabric strips from a jelly roll! Find and save ideas about Braid quilt on Pinterest. I have been slowly but surely working on this quilt whenever I have time to sit at the machine. Collect all four of the best-selling French Braid quilt books.

See more ideas about Braid quilt, Quilts and French braid. Because of the strong diagonals of the French braid pattern, it can be scrappy without losing the sense of pattern. The quilt pattern you select is a matter of personal choice.

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The hardest part is choosing the fabrics for the braid run. Many people feel some colors or themes are more suitable for a particular gender, such as the traditional pink for girls and blue for boys. Do you see it, too?

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I always try to find ways for my quilting to add to the quilt top, never detract from it. I love that in the pattern they tell you the quilt police won't come and get you. Trim the bottom. The French Braid Pattern has been used for many years in various forms from floors to quilts but under different names.

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Quilt Patterns to Download. The birds in the center of the braid are fussy cut but then had to be bordered to make the dimensions fit correctly. It is quite easy to change the measurements by using fewer fabrics in each braid or by using fewer braids. You will need to use several different fabrics and then you can form braids of shaded colors — you will get dazzling quilt. Hi it's Bea again from beaquilter. It's just a simple French braid quilt turned into a table runner.

After opening this one, and seeing how perfect it matched my kitchen, I scoured the internet for a table runner. Many quilters understand the growing impact of situations like the recent tote bag fiasco. I for one want to see an end to excessive copyright, particularly on blogs. If you post something: an idea, a technique, a pretty picture, whatever, man up and give it away for free. As in copyright free — as in anyone can use whatever you post for ANY reason. Someone might teach your technique or idea. More people will learn it and enjoy it than you could ever reach alone.

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Is that such a terrible thing? A world where we share ideas, techniques, fabric, and tools as freely as our grandmothers around a quilt frame. Kate Spain even shared the following comment which clarifies some points, including a mistake I made about about her fabric:. Thanks for your thoughtful post and great questions about copyright and the extent to which it is influencing the quilting community. Or shower curtain? If you answered Yes, No, No, No, then you really have nothing to worry about! Whatever you are doing with my fabric is fine!

If you spend your hard-earned dollars on it you should be able to use it however you like! I completely agree with you that an absence of attribution is a missed opportunity for both promotion as well as resource material. One last and important thing to know is that I did not make ONE dollar on this, and donated the recalled tote bags to several local charities. Sincerest apologies for my mistake about your fabric, but my core issue with this entire situation remains. Already things are getting confused! If I plan to sell what I make — what does that mean? Can I make something to sell: a quilt, a handbag, a tote, a belt, a skirt, pants, machine cover, etc, etc, etc or not?

Back then I would slice up the leg of jeans and insert funky fabrics into the leg to create homemade bell bottoms. These caught on so well, I began making them for other girls in class. We want the freedom to make whatever we want for whatever reason. What if I made a quilt for myself and photographed it.

That photograph ended up in my online quilt gallery and one day, years down the road, I decided to make a picture book of all my quilts, which was then sold all over the world and through mass market channels. We never know what the end use of a quilt will be. We never know how long it will last or who it will be given to, or who will photograph it, or what those photographs will be used for. All the questions this raises will just keep getting bigger and bigger, more complex and more technical, and our feelings of frustration, anxiety, and fear will build until all desire to create is obliterated.

Tags: leah day printed fabric copyright quilting quilting copyright. May 16, April 2, March 16, I am late to the discussion but have spent a good while reading all the posts in response as well as a couple of blogs one really slamming you good to the point of accusing you of tax fraud! So you really hit a nerve and I would say on both sides of the issue. I completely agree with you. I think the copyright thing has gotten so far out of control it is ridiculous. As well as so many people claiming "original designer" on things that are definitely NOT original. I read one blog that was selling cupcake potholder patterns and wrote the entire blog post complaining about someone else selling "her design".

A cupcake potholder? I use caps for emphasis too. It is to try and make sure I am not misconstrued. I can understand a little of Kate Spain's position. However, I also think that there are times you need to consider the repercussion of how you handle things. Once she knew she had to bring the book into it, she should have reconsidered how she handled it. By bringing them in, her point was lost and she alienated many that will not buy her product again.

Fabric designers need pattern designers to get their fabric's sold. Just as music bands need radio stations playing their music. Without that medium, their art is not brought to the masses. When we quilters especially us newbies see another quilt designed using a fabric, this does inspire us to purchase that fabric and make our own. If not in that design in another simply because we like how it all came together.

Many newbies cannot put it all together and see how the different fabrics in a line come together till we see it done by another. Her actions will make other pattern designers reconsider using her fabric simply because they don't want the problems that may arise from it. I know I wouldn't want to use it. I would prefer using another one that didn't carry so much risk.

She has obviously seen the backlash from her suit, hence the olive branch to the quilt pattern designer, though I imagine it will do little good. I understand the need to make a living. However, with any business you need to weigh the risk of legal action to the loss you will take doing so. She made a huge mistake and listened to the wrong people I think. Just because you CAN sue a person, doesn't always mean you should. I think it is the free sharing of ideas on blogs and the web that has drawn thousands of new quilters into the quilt world and inspired thousands of others to do more.

All of these people buy more fabric, more patterns, more books — you get the picture. Spain's actions not only alienate me from her designs why take the risk with her but Moda as long as she continues to design for them. They embody the great results one reaps when they "pay it forward.

Personally, I'm not sure where Kate got off suing at all — Moda is the one that gave a ton of fabric away free for the book and didn't bother with an agreement with Kate OR the author OR the publishing company. Personally, I have pretty much switched to solids, hand dyed fabrics and some batiks for my work. And honestly, I won't purchase any Kate fabrics. I don't cave to bullies — and her going after the author was so very wrong. Leah, I enjoyed your thought-provoking post and have given it much thought.

I'd like to quote from it today as well as link to it several times in my post. Please let me know if you have any concerns with that, but I'm guessing you won't given your statements here! Rachel — Obviously you're welcome to quote from this article! Have fun and shoot us a link when your post is live. I am really late to this discussion too, but as a novice quilter with no other quilters in my family I constantly find myself learning by looking at other people's work. I am a software engineer and we constantly look at other developers code to draw inspiration for a better way to design our own software.

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I don't know if I made a good analogy here but this brings to mind the classic case of Andy Warhol and his work, especially the Campbell Soup cans. After all some other designer did design the art on the can. This situation seems similar. Leah, There's a lot of good common sense in your comments on copyrighted design!

This reminds me of similar problem that I was made aware of because I am also an avid gardener. A few years ago I realized the big box stores were only selling brand name plants. I thought it was odd that suddenly my marigold plants were twice as much even though they looked the same, but sported a snazzy label! I am not selling or claiming this newly rooted stem is MY designer plant. I did some research and the growers were adamantly claiming their rights over my broken stem. I doubt this has passed the smell test in an actual court, but just the same, I now buy most of my plants at a local farm.

Hi Leah, I was just looking through your blog archive for the Heart and Feather posts, and I stumbled onto this one again. It's still quite relevant, and frankly, if you brought up the issue on an annual basis, you'd be doing a great service for the quilt community. Hi Leah.

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I liked your post. For you and others who are interested in making patterns and other content available to the public for free, check out the Creative Commons licenses, which fall under federal copyright law but are much less restrictive. Also, should it come to this, you can "protect" quilting designs such as the spiral, which I don't think could ever pass muster in court as copyright-protected by "publishing" them i.

Info about that is on the Creative Commons website, as well. I will add that I am constantly annoyed by quilters and knitters who publish patterns and include the statement that products made from the patterns cannot be sold. Copyright law, unless it has changed in the past year, clearly states that only the pattern is protected, not what is made from the pattern. I would ask that you reconsider the use of Nazi. Nazis are and were bad to an entirely different level that this. Maybe you'd like to use quilt copyright police or something.

I just don't think anybody in the quilt world has reached a point of evil to justify Nazi. Please just think about it. I do think it is wrong to copy a quilt and pass it off as your own. There should also be room for "great minds". I saw the spitting image of a quilt I'd made but in a different color at a national show once. I didn't copy hers and she didn't copy mine because I'd never shown my quilt and I'd never seen her quilt.

The similarities were incredible. I am very late coming to this forum, but I have to say I love you even more for speaking up. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We sell our fabrics by the quarter-metre and have a range of fabulous pre-cut fabric packs, including Fat Quarters, Charm Packs, Layer Cakes and Jelly Rolls.

We hold our sewing classes in small friendly groups so if you just want to learn how to sew using a sewing machine or learn something new our sewing classes are for you.