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Sometimes they buy. Sometimes they sell. And sometimes... they stay.

As demand explodes like never before, how can an author capture this audience? Making Tracks gives you everything you need to produce your own audiobooks—from performance technique to studio design to production and distribution. Don't miss out! Eyes of Wax by J. Words: 4, Two biotech nightmares in one ebook In a world where implants make the blind see, the lame walk, and the deaf hear, what becomes of human mind?

When public suspicion of the enhanced hits crisis, one man discovers just how much his fellow citizens value their humanity--and how far they'll go to squelch anything that threatens it. Includes bonus story: Self-Sustaining. Control Room by J. Words: 2, He sits alone, with no name. A faceless creature with a single purpose, he lives in a small room.

He knows only his consoles, his buttons, his screens--the surfaces of a control room for a great machine that he calls "the universe. Infinite possibilities. The Garden Pool by J. The wizard has everything forbidden the common people—and nobody even knows his name.

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For two girls barely in their teens, the mystery—and the temptations—prove irresistible. On a cold winter's night, they enter the wizard's garden to discover a treasure more precious than any they imagined—and a secret that tests their friendship beyond any civilized limits Ideas, Inc.

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Words: 25, Caleb and Lenny have two flat tires, no cell reception, and no idea what to do. Fortunately, they broke down right in front of a place that deals in ideas. But will it get them out of trouble before they're forced to talk to each other again? Find out in this hilarious all-night adventure farce. The Society of Miserable Bastards by J. Thirty-five years ago, ten children were abandoned in a pit of quicksand by mile-marker thirty-five to protect the reputation of the all-powerful Chiswick family.

Saved by the local bag lady, they now meet annually as The Society of Miserable Bastards to bestowing blessings upon the family that abandoned them, one by one. And tonight, they have a very special guest indeed The Serpent and the Satchel by J. An office is no place to waste a golden spring afternoon, so Albert escaped early to spend some time at the park. But with emergency deadlines from his boss, he must work through his time off. Neither Albert nor his boss planned on an unexpected adventure courtesy a broken briefcase, an escaped python, and a mischievous pawnbroker who keeps a creepy little shop out on the edge of nowhere.

One Surfboard. Two X-Chromosomes. All Man. Climbing Olympus Mons put him on the map, and children everywhere tune into watch every time he skydives from a space station, but Suave Rob Suarez is just getting started. Together with his childhood hero and his stunt partner, he's gonna stage the biggest daredevil stunt the universe has ever seen: Surf a supernova.

Or die trying. Chicken Noodle Gravity by J. Words: 7, Stephen got stoned to deal with the chemo, but it's his husband who really needs the drugs. After all, watching your partner of twenty years die of cancer can leave you courting bankruptcy. It can drive you to steal, or cheat, or look for hope in a can of chicken-noodle soup you bought from the demonic pawnbroker at a creepy old hock shop at the edge of nowhere.

Daniel Sawyer and Mary Mason by J. Words: 93, Most people don't grow up around guns, but most fiction writers have to know about them. This entertaining, humorous, and accessible guide takes you from the very basics of gun tech through the social and psychological quirks of cops, crooks, spies, and other professional gunmen. Words: 23, From the dawn of cryonics, to an irascible zombie, to a magical vineyard, this collection of Steampunk tales ranges far and wide through the genre, bringing you faerie stories, dark humor, and moments of beauty to stoke your most treasured desires.

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Contains six short stories and six poems. On Matters Most Austere by J. If vampires, resurrectionists, or the undead are complicating your estate planning, this pamphlet is for you. Detailed instructions on how to spot and stop these blights on the landscape before they cause problems, from the Greater London chapter of the Committee to Restrict the Accidental Population.

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Sunday Morning Giraffe by J. It's 3AM on a Sunday in the middle of the desert, and Aldo wants a giraffe, but not just any giraffe will do. Aldo requires the particular one housed in the glass display case in a creepy pawn shop at the edge of nowhere. His parents are at loose ends to satisfy the five-year-old, unaware that he is being guided by a demon-posessed rat with an agenda of its own. Silent Victor by J.

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Clarke Lantham got a good chuckle when a world-famous alien hunter tried him to prevent an attack on San Francisco. He stopped laughing 12 hours later when gray aliens apparently stole a priceless artifact in full view of security cameras.

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Down From Ten by J. Eight artists at a retreat work to survive an avalanche burying their house, but avoiding cabin fever is difficult when everyone's having the same dream The author of The Antithesis Progression teams up with the author of The Rehumanization of Jade Darcy to provide an in-depth guide to the science fact that underlies some of the most popular weapons in science fiction. Whether you're a writer looking to add depth and texture to your weapons technology, or a fan who wants to know how it all works, this is the place.

Smoke Rings by J. Words: 35, Book 3 of the Clarke Lantham Mysteries.

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  • Words: 34, Bedtime stories aren't just for children anymore. The Coffee Service by J. Words: 3, Sculpting God J. Down From Ten J. Making Tracks J. Crudrat Gail Carriger Author J. Ideas, Inc. The Open Source Woman J. Self-Sustaining J.

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