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Rehabilitation of birds also requires a permitting from federal authorities. Access our Podcast! All in the spirit of lifelong learning! Featured Books. It has since grown to acres and now rescues more than 7, animals annually and maintains an emergency hotline days a year. Native animals are released back into the wild, and those non-native or severely injured animals that cannot be released become permanent Sanctuary residents. Through her stories, Lynn hopes to dispel the belief that animals do not reason, have emotions, or show compassion for each other.

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I even managed to give her a fancy show pom-pom cut It was a huge difference to look at her. In a day she wanted out. She at that point ran the house. I still had her sleep in a baby bassinet next to me at night for her safety.

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I took her in as a hospice case. I didn't expect her to live a week or month She died in my arms at home. She was a strong brave soul.

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Her blindness or her deafness never stopped her from doing things I always said she was a tiny angel on Earth. It was a pleasure to be around her. I miss her as she passed away in A friend called me up and asked if I wanted a dog I said yes!! The reason the people were giving her away was because she bit the husband the couple had a nine month old baby. They decided to try to find a good home for "Clemantine" we changed her name to Jasmine when we adopted her. She was found wandering the streets in West Virginia as a sweet 7 month old pup She bit him also!

I called the vet to see if there was anything that we could do, not wanting to take her to a shelter. They told me of a "dog whisperer" type person for lack of anything better to call them.

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I called her up and two of them came over They met Jazzy and worked with her and my husband for about 3 hours. She was reformed She had mange and a urinary tract infection. She was a pretty sick little pup! That was 8 years ago and she is the biggest goofball and bad dog we have ever owned, and we wouldn't trade her for anything! She is very independent and set in her ways, but without a doubt she loves us and we love her!

My life felt so empty after losing the love of my life for 8 short years a couple of years earlier. I went to the shelter and started looking. I came across this little 4-year-old male kitty that was white with big black spots; a Holstein. I asked him if he would love me like I would love him. He reached up from my lap and gave me the sweetest little kiss on my lips! To this day, 15 years later, he kisses me every day, talks to me so nicely, naps on my lap, and snuggles up at bedtime. That little lover has filled my life with so much love I thank God every day for him.

I see stories every day of people adopting one or two cats, but all but two of mine came to me in groups.

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I had recently lost both elderly cats, and chose a Siamese hybrid mix kitten from my sister's cats, meaning to only have one cat from then on. Little did I know what was in store for me! I heard of two tuxedo female cats needing rescue that had been literally discarded in some bushes, so I took them both.


I found a great home for one of them. Then a tortoiseshell female cat walked up to me in the front yard, jumped into my arms and has not left the house since. Then, a neighborhood female grey tabby stray trooped up to my house with four kittens 2 males and 2 females , and I couldn't let anything happen to the little 5-week-old kittens, so I took them in and watched a mother feed her babies for the first time.

We lost one of those female babies the first night sadly, to something she had when I took her in. And mom already had respiratory problems and vision problems and still has them but is such a sweetheart. Then, there was a white and black cat and an orange tabby, both boys, who were living outside but looked so cold in the winter that I took them in during the first winter they were living on my porch. I just lost the black and white cat I never could tell if he was a white cat with black splotches or vice versa!

And there are still a gray male tabby brother to the mother I took in and a calico living on my front porch. Someone ran over the elderly ginger tabby who was part of the group last year while I was on vacation. The calico is feral and I still can't touch her after several years feeding her. I live-trapped her to have her spayed. And yes, they are all spayed and vetted.

It's been a journey that I didn't expect but wouldn't change for anything. All the kittens are now grown and running around the house. I love them all and it's probably a good thing that I don't have kids of my own because I have plenty of four-legged ones! I always say Adopt, don't Shop! A friend of mine, Ivy, told me about a cat that desperately needed a new home.

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The owner was having her boyfriend move in with her, and for whatever reason, it was decided that her two cats had to go. She lives in a senior apartment and is only allowed to have one cat. That was 2 months ago and I have a pink collar on her. The fur flies less frequently now, so there is some progress being made. I have seen them nose to nose checking each other out. This bison calf was euthanized earlier this month after it was placed in a car by a visitor to Yellowstone. The tourist in Yellowstone claimed the bison calf had been abandoned and would have become roadkill.

But to the untrained eye, looks can be deceiving. It is normal for a doe to leave her fawn alone for several hours at a time while she is off feeding. She may not return until nightfall to nurse her fawn. This actually helps keep the fawn safe from predators. Different states have varying protocols on whether to attempt rehab for injured animals or move immediately to euthanize.

Many species of wildlife rely on sick or injured animals to feed themselves and their young.

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If the person refuses to follow that guideline, the state advises contacting a local licensed rehabilitation center. One such licensed facility is the Montana Raptor Conservation Center in Bozeman , the largest of its kind in the state, with a service area spanning hundreds of miles.

A lot of rehab centers have consulting veterinarians but few can do complicated surgeries, such as fixing broken wings. For young birds lacking flight and survival skills taught by their parents, hard calls have to be made. Last week, a peregrine falcon struck a vehicle and broke its wing. Another patient was a bald eagle from eastern Montana that suffered a gunshot wound to the wrist and earlier another bald eagled received treatment for lead poisoning, caused by eating game birds filled with lead from shotgun shells.

In , the conservation center cared for a record raptors and over the years has treated almost 3, Back in the s, a strong windstorm blew bald eaglets out of their nest in Yellowstone. Park officials said that because it was a natural event, they were left on the ground to cope with whatever fate would come. On the other hand, Yellowstone netted a wolf along the roadside that was bloody and injured. Smith said it looked like it might have been struck by a vehicle.